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HIV in the US

Homegrown interventions are health education or risk-reduction efforts targeted to specific populations and groups. They resemble the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved (CDC) “effective behavioral interventions and are often used in place of EBIs, but lack the CDC’s official designation as an intervention that has been scientifically proven to reduce HIV risk. Some homegrown interventions have been evaluated, but evaluation is not a requirement for inclusion here.

Getting Off

The NIA Project

Getting Off is an eight-week, 24-session intervention in Los Angeles designed specifically to reduce crystal methamphetamine (meth) use and high-risk sex behaviors among gay men. Read more here.

Developed in Los Angeles, the NIA Project is an intervention and coordinated by In The Meantime and which fills a gap in services by providing a program that specifically targets African-American gay-identified men. Read more here.

Jail-based Testing and
Linkage to Care

PALMS Project

The Forensic AIDS Project (FAP), a program of Jail Health Services in the San Francisco City and County jails, offers HIV, STI and Hepatitis C testing to all substance users participating in jail-based drug treatment programs. Read more here.

The PALMS Project provides HIV prevention intervention to high-risk, hard-to-reach, minority adolescents using an innovative theater-based, interactive, peer-driven approach. Read more here.

L.I.F.E. Program®

Project Starr

L.I.F.E. Program® is based on scientific research that connects our performance on certain biological, psychological, and social cofactors to immune system functioning, disease progression, and overall health. Read more here.

Project STARR, a project of the Trans-health Information Project (TIP), is a multi-session, peer-designed and -delivered Health Education Risk Reduction series for young transgender women of color. Read more here.

HIV in the US and Urban America

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Homegrown Interventions

Getting Off

Jail-based Testing and Linkage to Care

Project Starr

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